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Celestial Heart Moonstone Bracelet

Celestial Heart Moonstone Bracelet


Embrace the ethereal charm with our Celestial Heart Moonstone Bracelet. A pale, heart-shaped moonstone sits at the center of this delicate piece, radiating a soft, milky glow that captures the essence of moonlight. Framing this lunar beauty is a cascade of deep blue beads, each one meticulously chosen to complement the centerpiece with their celestial hue. The gold-tone accents and adjustable cord provide a perfect finishing touch, ensuring this bracelet is as comfortable as it is captivating.

Healing Properties

Moonstone is revered for its lunar connection and is believed to harness feminine energies. It is said to promote intuition, balance, and wishes, while also offering a calming, healing presence. The surrounding blue beads echo the vastness of the sky, promoting clarity, communication, and truth. Together, they create a wearable amulet that supports emotional balance and inner growth.

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