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Multi-Gemstone Energy Bracelet

Multi-Gemstone Energy Bracelet


Our Multi-Gemstone Energy Bracelet is a mosaic of nature's beauty, featuring a unique blend of stones each chosen for their distinct colors and textures. The bracelet includes what appears to be Red Jasper (vibrant red), Creamy Moonstone (off-white), Tiger's Eye (banded golden-brown), Green Aventurine (light green), Sodalite (rich blue with white veining), Amethyst (purple), and Clear Quartz (translucent white), all woven into a durable black cord for a comfortable fit.

Healing Properties

This bracelet is crafted with the intention to promote a balanced flow of energy throughout the body. Red Jasper is known for grounding and stability, Moonstone for intuition and feminine energy, Tiger's Eye for courage and protection, Green Aventurine for heart healing and prosperity, Sodalite for truth and communication, Amethyst for calming and intuition, and Clear Quartz for clarity and amplification of energy.
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