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Passionate Heart Red Jasper Bracelet

Passionate Heart Red Jasper Bracelet


This Passionate Heart Red Jasper Bracelet radiates with warmth and vitality. At its core sits a heart-shaped stone with a crackled texture, deep red hues mingling with subtle earthy tones, encased in a delicate golden bezel. Surrounding the heart are round beads with varying shades of red, each one contributing to the tapestry of color and pattern that makes this piece a standout accessory. The bracelet is strung together on a golden thread, adjustable to fit any wrist comfortably.

Healing Properties

Red Jasper is known as a stone of endurance, a bringer of strength, and a promoter of stamina. It's believed to inspire a positive attitude, giving you the motivation to chase your dreams. The heart symbolizes love and passion, not just for others but for oneself, making this bracelet a meaningful gift or personal talisman. It is said to activate the Base Chakra, increasing life force and vitality.

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