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Rainbow Enamel Beaded Anklet

Rainbow Enamel Beaded Anklet


This Rainbow Enamel Beaded Anklet is a celebration of color and craftsmanship. Each bead on this cheerful anklet is a miniature canvas, with vibrant enamel hues set in golden-toned borders.It's a festival of colors that encircles your ankle with an adjustable golden string, ensuring a perfect fit for any wearer. Whether worn to complement a casual ensemble or as a statement piece with formal attire, this anklet is a versatile accessory that promises to capture attention and uplift the spirit.

Healing Properties

While this anklet is more about its visual appeal than specific healing properties, the spectrum of colors can be associated with the chakras, each color potentially aligning with and energizing a different energy center in the body. Red can symbolize the root chakra (grounding), orange the sacral chakra (creativity), yellow the solar plexus chakra (personal power), green the heart chakra (love), blue the throat chakra (communication), indigo the third eye chakra (intuition), and violet the crown chakra (spirituality).

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